Sports & Fitness


Regupol America has the Sports & Fitness surface for every activity, going well beyond “fitness for purpose.” Including revolutionary products such as Regupol® Aktiv™, Regupol® AktivLok™, Regupol® AktivPro™, and Regupol® Kombi™, Regupol America knows that intense action demands extreme support. Regupol sports and fitness surfaces fit into any game plan, always pushing the elements to provide the best results. By reinventing recycled rubber sports flooring, Regupol America keeps design innovation at the forefront of athletics.

  • Regupol® Aktiv™ >

    The Shane Victorino Foundation ran with Regupol Aktiv for the redesign of the Nicetown Boys & Girls Club. Click to find out more about Aktiv technology.

  • Regupol® AktivLok™ >

    Regupol AktivLok interlocking tiles go the distance at Cabrini College’s Dixon Fitness Center. Click through to learn more about the unique benefits of AktivLok.

  • Regupol® AktivPro™ >

    Athletes at Iowa State University don’t worry about their weights bouncing back at them. Discover how Regupol AktivPro keeps things tight.

  • Regupol® Kombi™ >

    Drexel University set the pace for its new multipurpose room by choosing Regupol Kombi. Click through to learn how Kombi got things running.